Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bee Blocks / do. Good Stitches Love Circle

At the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to join the ladies of the do. Good Stitches Love Circle.  Like all bees, we make blocks each month that are compiled and sewn into quilts by members of the group. The great thing about do. Good Stitches is that each finished quilt is then donated to a worthy cause.

May do. Good Stitches Love circle blocks
"Delectable Mountains" blocks for May
The Love Circle donates our quilts to "Wrap Them in Love", which benefits children living in poverty. Each of the other circles in the do. Good Stitches network (currently 25 groups, I believe; in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.) have their own charities that they donate to, which means that the breadth and reach of the whole group is pretty impressive. 

April do. Good Stitches Blocks
String blocks for April
I wanted to share the blocks that I've been working on with my bee mates over the past few months. The variety in the types of blocks that we've sewn has given me the opportunity to try some new things and experiment with some familiar blocks in different ways. 

March Blocks / do. Good Stitches Love Circle
EPP Flowers for March
The thing that I really love about being in a bee is that I'm always being encouraged to approach quilting with a fresh outlook, whereas when I sew by myself for self-directed projects I have the tendency to fall into the things that I know and have had success with in the past—be that certain patterns, color schemes, or techniques. It's good to get a little nudge every once in a while to step outside your comfort zone. ;)

February Blocks -- Love Circle
Scrappy Improv Log Cabin blocks for February
February Blocks -- Love Circle

Our fearless bee leader (and the founder/ organizer of do. Good Stitches) is Rachel, from Stitched in Color. She would be a fantastic person to chat with if you have any questions about the bee or would like to find out more about joining do. Good Stitches

On a personal note, I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to join this community of stitchers and contribute my talents to a valuable cause, even in a small way. I'm also excited for the months ahead with lots of new blocks to experiment with and new skills to gain. 


  1. That is great! I love the blocks you are making too!

  2. I adore those string blocks!

  3. Great blocks, I think the top ones are my faves

  4. I enjoy these posts that show a collection of our blocks. Over the years we've experimented with so many different things. Being in a bee really stretches me too. I love it!


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